ANWAR ZAKI Nuseibeh Minister of Defense in the Government of Jordan. Behind him is Mohammed Nuseibeh in a military uniform.

Anwar Nuseibeh ( 1913-1986). Statesman, Lawyer, Diplomat and Administrator. Born in Jerusalem 1913. Had his schooling at Rawda College in the old city of Jerusalem, his secondary at the Arab College in new Jerusalem, his Advanced Level at Purse School in the UK. At Queen’s College, Cambridge he read Law and upon graduation in 1934, he returned to Jerusalem where he was appointed District Judge in Mandated Palestine government. In the 40’s, he established his own legal Practice in Jerusalem. During the interim period, Anwar Nuseibeh became head of the Jerusalem National Committee which governed Jerusalem.

INTERESTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: After the 1947-1948 war and the establishment of Unity between the West bank and Jordan, Anwar served several terms as Minister of Defense, Minister of education and Minister of reconstruction and Development in charge of Palestinian refugees. He was also elected Deputy in Parliament for Jerusalem, and also served in the Jordan Senate. In the mid sixties he served as Governor of Jerusalem and the West Bank. Prior to 1967, he served as Jordan’s Ambassador to the Court of St. James, where he received one of the highest decorations from Queen Elizabeth II. He died in 1986, and was buried within the confines of the lands of the Holy Sanctuary in a location earmarked for the martyrs of Palestine.

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