Khaled Hazem Nuseibeh was born in Amman, Jordan in the year 1961.

He received his school education at Dover College, England, and his Bachelor' and Master's degrees from Columbia and Princeton Universities respectively.

A poet, writer and translator, he owns and manages the Ubada Center For Writing and Translation Services.

Among the books he authored is Echoes of the Spirit and Gentle Wind which are both poetry collections.

Married to Suhayla Zabian he is the father of Zeinab and Sara.

By Khaled Hazem Nusseibeh

To Know & To Eternally Be

Can a theme be inexorably found
In the depths of a restless soul

Digging deep into an unknown
As though a reality in intangible shrouds

The frontiers of a vast unseen
Anchored in a perceptible self

Conscious of a tiny particle of truth
In the immense ocean of the expanse

Is it physical matter or pure spirit?
Kindred though distinct planes

The senses blur a great vision
Bringing things down to matter

The yearnings for an absolute
Beaten down by earth’s sway

Only to renew an ineffable quest
To know and to eternally be

Travels Beyond

The mystic traveler has a tryst with truth
A moment of joyous love of God

He sees naught but His cosmic presence
Nearer to the heart than the jugular vein

Knowledge of God is an endless trail
To be trodden with yearning for more

Dazzled is a heart of a praising soul
The universe a sign of the Great Lord

But a dazzled heart must be from sin washed
Pondering the truth that encompasses all

The journey to know has a weapon to use
A Shari'ah that’s God’s guide to spirit’s trek

Subhanallah is the utterance of a heart consumed
The calling to fear an Omniscient God

The traveler meets His Lord even at a labyrinth
Dhikr that nears him to God’s unknowable mercy

Life is a canyon of pleasure immense
Matching dhikr is unattainable quest

Afterlife is the soothing thought of penitent hearts
Paradise the splendid abode of an awaited morrow

And hellfire the fear of a heart torn
Grief at the sins of a youthful day

Love of Muhammad is the tune of wondrous worship
Peace on him the guide of knowing souls

A haqiqa of amazing surrender
A repository of Revelation Divine

God’s Word anchored in Muhammad’s radiant heart
Uncreated speech of truth and love

Ahmad the guide and mercy to every world
Illumining darkness with shining truth

The traveler years for Ahmad to know his Lord
Following the exemplar of obedience to God

Journeyers of noble though unrested souls
Finding a truth beyond reason’s bound

The kings may strike the saints with swords
If only they knew the pleasures of dhikr’s way

Stations of Galaxies

I do not swear by the stations of galaxies
For a question unveils the secret of oath

Does the moon in splendor forever glimmer?
And doesn’t it in complete form recoil to a crescent?

The sun at noon with brilliance shines
But sinks in reddish orange at a distant horizon

The stars illumine a darkness of intense depth
But fade from the view of earthly life

Pyramids stoutly stand with magnificent posture
But are immensely below the nearest cloud

Abraham exclaims revolt at vanishing splendor
Affirming that God is without twilight

I do not swear by the stations of galaxies
For being is conditional on Almighty God

The tallest wave on the shore’s sand breaks
Yielding to numbers of succeeding waves

Michelangelo’s David stuns the viewing eye
Exceeded by the creations of other men of art

The sea waves and earth bow to the Macedonian’s conquest
But death chooses to its side the finest general

Athena makes each citizen a member of the jury
But history’s indomitable verdict is that all have an end

I do not swear by the stations of galaxies
For finite life overwhelms all that lives.

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