Born and raised in Jerusalem . His mother, Shehabi, a Jerusalemite, whose family, were honored keeping a lock from Prophet Mohammed's hair ( Peace be Upon Him.)

After Matriculation, Hisham taught at Ein Karem, a village near Jerusalem.

1944 – Entered the Veterinary College at Cairo University, then called " King Fuad University ". He believed, that by encouraging villagers and farmers raise livestock, the rural economy would improve, production would increase and standards of education would rise, all to the betterment of the Palestinian Society.

1949 – Graduated as a Veterinary Surgeon. At that time the first part of Palestine was seized and the rest was amalgamated to Jordan . Dr. Hisham returned to divided Jerusalem to become senior veterinary officer responsible for Jerusalem governorate, which included Hebron , Jericho , Beit Jala, Bethlehem and Ramallah areas.

1965 – Traveled to London for higher studies in Labs and Vaccines.

1967 – Acted as General Director in Amman. When the war broke out, Dr. Hisham parted with Jerusalem.

1968-1969 – Assistant to the General Director; established the Animal Health Institute in Amman, later in Aqaba, Karak, Zarka, Maan etc, with the help of highly qualified team of experts and technicians from the F.A.O and locally.

1972-1975 – Promoted to General Director of the Veterinary Department.

1975 – Retirement, after 26 years of service in Jordan.

1976 – Ran for elections. Became President of the Union of Veterinary Doctors.

1976 – Traveled to Somalia as the Technical Manager for a range Livestock and developing project for the World Bank and Kuwait Fund.

1982 – Won the Presidency, for two consecutive terms.

1981 – 1982 – Director of Public Health at Amman Municipality.

Dr. Hisham has two daughters.

He was modest, honest, kindhearted and devoted to his colleagues, friends and country.

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